• Designing a successful website is a skill that can take years to master and not something that comes easily.

    When designing a site, you should think about how you access Web sites yourself, and how you browse and read newspapers and magazines.

    Web surfers typically have short attention spans. If they don't find what they're looking for quickly, another site is only a few clicks away.

    Surfers should know almost immediately upon accessing your site why they should stick around, what's in it for them. Instead of relying strictly on fancy graphics and animations, which often just slow surfers down, you should use meaningful headlines, subheads, and menus and other links.

    It is our job to provide a website for you that exemplifies good design and usability.

  • Information Architecture: Information Architecture is the process of working out what you want your site to do, how it's going to do it and making sure it's all going to work before you start building the thing.

    Sounds easy, eh? Well, not always. On complicated sites it can be a real challenge finding out the best way to organize the content and functionality while trying to keep the client, the techies, the designers, the marketing folk and, of course, the target audience, happy.

    But it has to be done: sites can only start being built after the project's structure has been firmly nailed down, making this is a crucial part of the process. Mistakes made here may end up costing a fortune in time and money later. Customer input is vital
    for successful website construction.